Women participation in the work force is essential for growth of IT industry ensuring the diversity of skills, thoughts & perspective to bring a balance & an inclusive work culture, progression & success. Team diversity in terms of gender, race & age is likely to accelerate innovations.

However, according to studies women are 24% more likely to lose their jobs compared to men. Structural & cultural barriers often lead women to take on the unpaid caregiving responsibilities & household tasks. About 50% of women in tech sector quit their job before age 35, They are also abandoning their jobs at a 45% higher rate than men.

Women have proved their value to the world of STEM. Also, on a Global scale, we are heading towards 40% of women in Tech positions in the next 5-10 years. According to Women in Tech statistics – Women held only 20% of all the Tech jobs (26% of all computing jobs in the world), 5% of start up founders are women & Fortune 500 companies with at least three women in leading positions saw a 66% increase in ROI. A clear & strong case of importance of increasing the participation of women in the Tech industry for its overall growth & success.

The most common barriers women in Tech experience is the lack of support system, lack of female role model /mentor in the work place & unequal pay for the same skills. Another major challenge faced by women restarting their career in Tech is the confidence gap.

At EDS we not only fully acknowledge the merits & importance of a gender balanced work force but are also passionate about helping women find their niche in this ever-evolving IT eco system. Especially after a career gap.

Our initiative ReZooM is a complete mentoring program for women restarting their professional journey in the IT industry.

ReZooM is an EDS initiative for women professionals. It’s a complete mentoring program for women restarting their professional journey in the IT industry.

It’s a thoughtfully designed & professionally executed end to end program to help women reclaim their professional identity & integrate them back in the active workforce. In the past 2 years EDS has caused jobs for numerous women in the IT industry after a long career break.

From reaching out & identifying women with relevant background & experience, to counselling them, assessing their technical & soft skill needs, reskilling & upskilling them with relevant certifications, to facilitating their job interviews & their placement (Contract/temporary/permanent) EDS offers & carries out the entire program completely free for the women participants.

We as a team are committed & passionate towards helping women through the journey of finding their niche & making them comfortable in the IT eco system.